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Duties & Functions

Following are the duties & functions of the Corporation i.e. maintenance & up keep of the following :-

1. 207.88 sq. km of area for cleaning and scavenging
2. 888 Km of Pucca Roads
3. 250 Km of Kuchha Roads
4. 800 Km of Surface Drains
5. 638 Km of Sewer Lines
6. 910 Km of Water Supply Lines
7. 420 Tubewells with two Nos. Ranney wells
8. 22036 Nos.Street Light Points
9. HUDA Sectors (24 Nos.)
10. Privately Developed Sectors
11. Housing Board Colonies (10)
12. Old Faridabad
13. New Industrial Township, Faridabad
14. Ballabgarh Town
15. Villages (31 No.)
16. Approved Colonies (73 No.)
17. Unapproved Colonies, which have recently been recommended for approval by House (47 No.)
18. Public Parks 457 [Developed 288 and Undeveloped 169.]In addition to above, this Corporation has to provide the necessary amenities and services without any income resulting into very poor financial position of the MCF. It can be observed that many a town level external development facilities like indoor stadium, sports stadium, athletic stadium, Municipal Auditorium, Community Centre, Health Centre and library buildings, Town park, Rose Garden, Dussehra Ground, Fire Brigade facilities, sewerage treatment plant, maintenance and upkeep of bridges, parks, play grounds in the entire Corporation area along with development of various infrastructure for social/religious activities in the town, Solid Waste Management, disposals, dairy, piggeries, slaughter houses, cremation ground, burial grounds, Dispensary etc. are being maintained by MCF.



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