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Faridabad Profile
Faridabad is the biggest Urban agglomeration of Haryana consisting of Old Municipal Towns of Faridabad, Ballabgarh, New Industrial Town alongwith 38 revenue villages. The Development Plan of Faridabad comprises of 91 Sectors (maximum number of Sectors in any development plan of Haryana) with the biggest projected population of 10 lacs upto 2001 and 17.5 lacs upto 2011 A.D. Following list shows the past trends regarding decennial growth of population which is the highest in comparison to any town in Haryana.
1.22 Lacs
3.27 Lacs
6.13 Lacs
10.53 Lacs
13.00 Lacs

The above table shows that the Faridabad had crossed projected population in the actual census figures in the year 2001.

Faridabad is also the biggest industrial town of Haryana having three number of Railway Stations namely Old Faridabad, N.I.T., Faridabad and Ballabgarh. This is the only town in Haryana having four number of Tourist Complexes namely SurajKund, Badkhal, Magpie and Aravali Golf Club and Restaurant. Faridabad is also the only town of Haryana which is presently having more than 13 lacs population and which is the only town having Metropolitan Town status and the only, Municipal Corporation since 1994 of the state.

Faridabad is also the only Delhi Metropolitan Area Town (D.M.A Town) of Haryana which has the proposed eastern and western peripheral Express Ways encircling Delhi for faster movement of inter-state traffic connecting all the Delhi Metropolitan Area towns and all National Highways around Delhi. Urbanisable area of Faridabad is abutting South Delhi, which is the highest demand area of Delhi near Badarpur Border.

Apart from above, Faridabad is also famous for its sports and cultural activities having International Level Cricket Stadium, Athletics Stadium, Open Air Theaters in Sector-12 and SurajKund, 725 seated Air-Conditioned Indoor Auditorium alongwith Air-Conditioned Conference Hall, Town Park and an area of around 300 acres of City Centre having commercial, administrative and recreational facilities on Delhi Mathura Road in the Centre of the Faridabad Town.

Faridabad town is also having the famous historical monuments of archeological importance at Suraj Kund and Nahar Singh Palace at Ballabgarh. The importance of Faridabad is also very well established by large influx of migrant workers from the adjoining states creating uncontrollable development of Jhuggi Jhopries, slums and unauthorized colonies every here and there which is also creating an alarming situation for Haryana Govt. as well as for the Municipal Corporation Faridabad from social aspects, to provide civic amenities and rehabilitation for this population which is the biggest challenge for the future of Faridabad.



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